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Business Combined Policy

This is a comprehensive combination of several insurance policies over business- It is several policies in one. It covers the premises, items in the business, staff, money in transit, loss of business revenue incase of any eventuality. Etc.

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Comprehensive Auto Insurance

We offer comprehensive insurance cover for those who have a fleet of vehicles for commercial purposes. Our product covers both the driver and the vehicles comprehensively.

In case of any eventuality we work closely with the insurance company to ensure the vehicle is assessed and repaired as soon as possible.

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Commercial Property Insurance

This insurance covers commercial property against, fire, burglary, floods etc. It includes a public liability clause which covers visitors/tenants who can be accidentally injured at the premises

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It means-(Workman, Injury and Benefits Act)- this is insurance cover taken on behalf of employees and  it is a legal requirement. It covers employees against injury during working hours and it can be extended beyond working hours.

It is a factor of the employees’ annual salary.

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