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This means anyone who is in gainful employment and those who run their businesses and earn a salary.

Education Policy

A parent`s ability to provide for his children`s education needs is key. We have education policies that enable one save for their children`s education.  Upon maturity the proceeds are paid to the respective institution ensuring the education of your child is secure.

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Savings Plans

During the youthful years it is important one saves to ensure they enjoy their sunset years or achieve major milestones e.g. purchase of a property. Our policies ensure that one is able to save with no temptation to withdraw and return is very competitive.

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It is never too early to start saving for your pension. Employers can set up pension schemes for their employees or individual can set up their own personal pension schemes.  The schemes allow individuals to save for their retirement.

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Medical Insurance

We offer comprehensive medical covers for both individuals and companies. Depending on one’s budget- we are able to tailor make a medical insurance cover for you, your family and employees.

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The product is sold to those who have attained the age of 50years.  This is ideal for those who have received their pension lumpsum.  Annuities allow you to receive monthly payments for the rest of one`s  life giving one the essential cash-flow.

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