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Motor Vehicle Insurance

We offer comprehensive motor vehicle insurance over all types of vehicles. The comprehensive cover ensures that in case of eventuality, you are fully compensated at a minimum fuss.

We always propose that we include excess protector, PA and PVT policies   as this gives you complete peace of mind.

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Domestic Package

This insurance covers the buildings and the contents inside the house. The cover ensures that all are valuables are secure in case of fire, burglary or floods.

The portable items under the All risk cover is not restricted to location-meaning items lost or damaged anywhere in the globe it will be compensated.

In addition it also provides a free cover for one domestic servant.

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Tenants Insurance Cover

Landlords will only insure their premises.  If you are renting a home, your personal property in the home is your responsibility.

The above ensures that your assets in the residence are covered and you can be compensated in case of any eventuality.

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Landlord Insurance Cover

This cover enables landlords to cover their buildings in cases where the property is rented out. The cover is taken against, fire, floods, earthquakes, electrical faults. Loss of rental income. etc.

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Motorcycle Cover

We offer comprehensive insurance cover over motor- cycles that are for personal and commercial use – ie.  Courier. Our cover upon request includes a personal accident cover to ensure both man and machine are protected.

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